Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shuffle Ninja Android Game

Shuffle Ninja Android Game
Shuffle Ninja is a rhythm based action/adventure game which tells a tale of FastFoot Joe, participant of the S.H.U.F.F.L.E project, an improbable hero wielding the power of dance not in favor of an army of alien invaders. During the search representing his lost identity he will visit many precarious sitting room and gain knowledge of around his unique powers. And with your help he might even defeat evil Tabooreth, leader of aliens and self-proclaimed Emperor of Earth.

Game utilizes a unique control scheme: As an alternative of a “virtual joystick”, your total screen is used representing input. There is a variety of tap and walk off with combinations (called tricks) representing you discover and consume again the enemy! Tap improbable tricks in accordance to the tune and you will enter a super-powerful Groove mode and deal amplify break to enemies!

Game skin tone:
★ Rhythmical tune gameplay controlled with taps & swipes;

★ Powerful Groove mode which is enabled when the player follows the beat;

★ Hordes of funny enemies and insidious bosses;

★ Dramatic story with surprising twists;

★ Unique real thing tune and hilarious art.

File Size:- 44.95 MB

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