Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro v1.09 Android App

DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro - screenshot
DFX Music Player Enhancer Pro v1.09 Android App

Makes your MP3s sound way better. Hear its magical effect on your tune. DFX dealing out knowledge restores high spot frequency harmonics to facilitate were damaged in the MP3 encoding process and furthermore dramatically increases your bass frequency response exclusive of lowering your playback levels. DFX furthermore restores the lost natural depth to your tune representing a more natural listening experience. Finally you can fully benefit from your MP3 songs exclusive of the unnatural muffled sound and some degree of bass response of precedent tune players.

App Features:
★ Uses forward-looking DSP dealing out to dramatically improved sound quality and bass response larger than existing Android tune players;

★ Powerful yet unproblematic to consume Song, Artist and Playlist based tune selection and playback methods;

★ Includes multiple DFX audio dealing out presets to unsurpassed optimize DFX representing your listening setting and special tastes, as well as deep Boost presets

File Size:- 892.85 MB
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