Friday, February 7, 2014

Catch that Dragon Android Game

Catch that Dragon Android Game
Catch that Dragon Android Game
Catch to facilitate Dragon Android Game

The dragons own been usual open! Once, the King’s Royal Flock of Dragons was the stuff of folklore. But promptly, a meteor has sent them brief in a panic to the corners of the globe.
A gigantic bounty awaits the brave Dragon huntsman who can recover them representing His Majesty. So board your airship and soar sour on your horrendous Dragon chase!

Game Features:-
★ Quest across distant lands to shoot traps at flocks of these winged wonders and catch as many as you can;
★ Arm your ship for the hunt with a bounty of dragon-catching cannons and power-ups to force the odds in your favor;
★ Each cannon also has a unique shooter-game style to master that constantly refreshes the joy;
★ Quest for over 20 different cute and colorful dragons from across the Vale, each with a different look, size, and type;
★ Each hunt poses a unique challenge, so plan carefully;
★ Discover lots of new dragon breeds as you quest to collect every last one of them;
★ Catching dragons requires both luck and skill;
★ Build up combos by catching several dragons with one shot;
★ You can play it safe and shoot for lots of small dragons, or push your luck and go fishing for the big ones;
★ Compete with friends and other Dragon Hunters around the world for the King’s bounty and climb the weekly hunter leaderboards;
★ A huge reward of coins and other prizes are given to the top Dragon Hunter;
★ A perfect game for fans of shooter games, steampunk, and free games of any kind.

File Size:- 23.25 MB + 112.82 MB

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