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Desert Stormfront FULL v1.0.1 Apk

Desert Stormfront FULL v1.0.1
Desert Stormfront FULL v1.0.1 Apk
Requirements: 2.0 and up

Overview: Desert Stormfront, real-time battles in the Middle East!

Desert Stormfront is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game situated in the Middle East. You perform on stormy desert landscapes representing power and smear with oil. Units next to your disposal include Humvees, Tanks, Artillery, Mechanics, Helicopters, Planes, Ships and Submarines amongst others. Desert Stormfront chains multiplayer games larger than LAN and internet as well as co-op multiplayer.

The game skin tone 30 pre-defined campaign missions wherever you take domination of the Western federation and fight battles in the Middle East representing control of major cities, smear with oil fields and armed structures. Nations in perform are the USA, England, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan plus a fight back faction.
Desert Stormfront contains a random map generator in addition to the 30 campaign missions. Scenarios include eliminating enemy forces, capturing the flag, defending against incoming troops, convoy missions, sea and air battles as well as tank fights. The game keeps track of high scores and playing statistics.

Please note that the game requires a screen resolution of 800x480 pixels or higher. Although the game still runs on a lower resolution, not all GUI elements will be rendered properly. The game has been thoroughly tested and runs at about 30+ frames/seconds. It is possible though that the application is slow on some devices. Please try the LITE version before purchase to verify proper function. If you encounter any problems running the game, try (1) a device restart (i.e. turn off completely) as well as (2) a complete re-install.

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