Monday, January 20, 2014

Bootanimation for Android Phone


Bootanimation for Android Phone

Bootanimation is solitary of the animation to facilitate appears next to the chief stage we try on Android phones.
 Bootanimation in reality not a issue to facilitate is so central, but representing persons of you who like to handiwork unusual look and would like a more beautiful and charming can revolution bootanimation own.

Here is a collection of Bootanimation for the Android Phone:
1. CM7
2. Honeycomb
3. Nexus Prime
4. Transformers with Sounds

How to Replace Bootanimation:
1. Download first supporting applications, namely root explorer (rootex) here or here
2. Download bootanimation you want to use, then extract and copy to sdcard.
3. After that install rootex that you have downloaded.
4. Then move the file that you have downloaded to the system / media / (put here).
5. After that set of permissions to rw-r-r-. Description: (-) means empty / not checked.
6. After that reboot.
7. Done.

For the use of sounds, before rebooting please follow the following additional steps:
1. Move the sounds format .Ogg to the system / etc / (put here).
2. Done.

Mirror Download 
Mirror Download 2
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