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Al Shalat v1.7 (Iphone-Ipod-Ipad)

Al Shalat v1.7

Al Shalat v1.7 (Iphone-Ipod-Ipad)

All you need for Shalat (Prayer) in the palm of your hand, and even much more!

With "Al Shalat", You Have:

-Accurate prayer times of your current location or of any other city in the world, using different calculation methods (the prayer times calculation does not need internet connection).
-Support of local notifications of Adhan alerts (on iOS 4+).
-Precise Qibla direction of your current location or any other place in the world using the built in location services. The Qibla direction is displayed on Google Maps.
-Find nearby mosques from you current location and driving directions.
-Magnetic Compass detection on equipped devices (iPhone 4, 3Gs) with an interface showing the Qibla direction corresponding to the current selected city. Sun and moon positions are coming soon.
-Calendar conversion from Hijri to Gregorian and from Gregorian to Hijri.

-Islamic events of the current Hijri year or of any other year selected.
-Adjustment of Hijri date, time zone, and prayer times, as well as prayer calculation methods adjustment.

even more features:

-An additional “Custom alarm” that can be used as an alarm clock or for any other purpose (with additional alarm sounds).
-Fully support the following localization languages: Arabic, English, French and German. More languages are coming soon.
-City search tool using the different attributes of a place : city name, country name, continent, famous place, Zip codes,...
-Tap on the prayer screen top center to display a summary of the current settings.

and even ONE more UNIQUE feature:

-Possibility to select your preferred Adhan alert for each prayer and for each day of the week! This is useful for those who want to have different Adhan alerts between their working days and their non working days of the week. This applies also to local notifications.


-Location Services should be enabled for device location detection.

-Requires access to network to load the Google maps.

-At leat iOS 4.0, is required for prayer Adhan local notifications.
-PLEASE NOTE that it’s not possible to have full Adhan during local notifications (when the App is running in the background) because there a system limit in the time length of the sound file (30 seconds max), that’s why you hear only “Takbir”
Install Instructions:
* You will firstly have to Jailbreak your iphone, which installs Cydia.
* Then to install cracked apps you will need to:
* Go into Cydia on Iphone/Ipod touch
* Go to manage, then sources

* Add: (Http://)

* Next search for appsync (Mipatch will not work with 3.0) and install onto iphone
* Next add the app to itunes
* Sync your iphone to itunes and add the application

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